Monday, June 06, 2016

Fashion exec claims he was fired for not having sex with his married 'cougar' boss, 52

She looks like she might be hot stuff

"A married fashion designer fired a younger employee because he refused to have sex with her, a lawsuit has claimed. Daniel Coyle, 39, has accused Joanne Del Prete-Rosten, 52, the owner of BigApple-based clothing company Canto NYC, of letting him go after he refused her advances.

A lawsuit seen by the New York Post claims the pair met three years ago at the NASCAR track at Pocono Raceway. Coyle claims the pair then started having sex twice a week until Del Prete-Rosten asked him to join her company, which specializes in leather pants and tops. On his first day as chief operating officer, he discovered that his boss was actually married, and her husband, Pete Rosten, was an executive at the company, the lawsuit says.

He put the alleged affair on hold after the discovery, supposedly leaving Del Prete Rosten hurt. Coyle's claims were already dismissed by the state Division of Human Rights, Del Prete-Rosten's lawyer told the Post"



Wireless.Phil said...

I don't think she's hot stuff!

JR said...

When you get old you might

Wireless.Phil said...

I'll be 65 this September.


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