Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fearless man corners a GIANT spider and removes it from a wall on his hand

Unlike other videos where people attempt to trap spiders with speed, only to miss and then see the creature scuttle away, the man works slowly and calmly. He moves his hands increasingly closer to the spider without making any sudden movements before touching one of its many legs with his fingers.

Without pulling his arms away he then keeps his right hand in front of the spider as it starts to walk towards him and takes a step onto his fingers. He then waits until the entire creature is standing on the back of his hand before gently removing it - along with the spider - from the wall.

The video concludes with the man transferring the terrifying creature, which clings onto his wrist and tries to escape, to a see-through plastic box before closing it inside.

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Wireless.Phil said...

This is one that pisses me off!

Endangered sea turtle beaten for a selfie

By James Gorman
An endangered loggerhead sea turtle is being nursed back to health after it was dragged from the ocean and violently beaten with sticks on a beach in Lebanon


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