Saturday, June 18, 2016

Maori cameraman uses a pair of SCISSORS to slice through 'uncuttable' ankle bracelets used to monitor prisoners

The New Zealand corrections department was left red-faced on live television when their new 'uncuttable' monitoring bracelets were cut through with a pair of paper scissors.

Rachel Leota, corrections deputy national commissioner, seemed very confident when she appeared on news program Story to discuss the bracelets, and even invited reporter Dan Parker to try and cut through it with a pair of paper scissors. Footage shows the reporter try to hack at the monitoring system and fail, before a strong cameraman appears on the side of the screen eager for a go.

In just three snips, cameraman Billy Weepu cut through the rubber and the thick wire. The reporters all looked to Ms Leota for comment, however she was speechless as the camera zoomed in on the open ankle bracelet.


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