Friday, June 17, 2016

Strange Rolls Royce

The world of autonomous vehicles just got a more luxurious, after Rolls-Royce unveiled a driverless super car of the future. It has dubbed its futuristic car, which looks like it could have come straight out of Batman's cave, the Rolls-Royce 103EX.

The front seat is replaced with a sofa-style body. It features an artificial intelligence-powered voice assistant named Eleanor. Rolls-Royce describes it as the 'ultimate concept car', in a rare insight into how the luxury vehicle maker sees the future of motoring.

The car was unveiled at a global event held in London today but the company said it may be another 25 years before it hits the road.  BMW, who own Rolls-Royce, said self-driving technology was still some way off being fully autonomous. During the event, the company cited legislative changes and more accurate maps as hurdles facing drivers"


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Wireless.Phil said...

Almost looks like a Lincoln grill, but it is an ugly car.


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