Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Woman's Facebook post calling men 'f****** dogs' backfires when a friend of her ex-husband exposes her as a cheat

A cheating wife who complained about the evils of men got her comeuppance when a man she had tried to seduce outed her on Facebook. The unnamed woman's post saying 'Men are f****** dog' backfired when a friend of her ex-husband's replied explaining that she was a cheat and it went viral.

The unnamed woman was perhaps trying to win sympathy when she updated her Facebook status to 'men are f***** dogs'. Some of her friends were in agreement, with one writing: 'You can say that again', and another adding: 'They can be'.

But then a friend of the woman's replied with a tale that certainly showed things in a much different light. 'A few years ago I met a guy,' he explained. 'Really nice guy, Probably one of the nicest guys you could ever know. 'We go to his house where he introduces his wife,' he said. 'A girl I went to school with.

She tries to seduce me and get me to sleep with her. I feel disgusted and refuse.' He then confirmed that this was the same woman who had posted the Facebook status criticising men.


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