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Young British mother, 20,  seduced a 15-year-old boy on Facebook before having sex with him in her Cotswolds home

The age gap seems trivial

A young mother who seduced a 15 year old boy on Facebook and had sex with him in her Cotswolds home has avoided jail today after her victim pleaded for clemency.

The boy had been perfectly willing to have intercourse with Georgina Hill and did not want her to be prosecuted, Gloucester Crown Court was told.

But his grandmother reported her to the police after looking at Facebook and reading messages which made her realise that they'd had full sex, said prosecutor Christopher Smythe.

Hill, of  Aston Magna in Gloucestershire, pleaded guilty to having sexual activity with a child between 1-20 September 2015.

She was sentenced to 8 months imprisonment suspended for a year and placed on the sex offender register for seven years

She was also banned from working with children and ordered to undergo 20 days of rehabilitation activity.

Judge Michael Cullum imposed a five year restraining order banning her from contacting the boy, who has now turned sixteen.

Mr Smythe told the court 'She knew he was only 15 at the time because she had asked him on Facebook when he would be sixteen.

'The offence came to light on 16th Dec last year when his grandmother contacted the police. She had become aware from Facebook messages she had seen that sexual intercourse had taken place.

'Despite telling him not to go and see Miss Hill he persisted and she felt she had no alternative but to intervene to protect him.

'The defendant had become friends with the boy soon after she moved into her current home with her partner and her one year old daughter.

'The boy began visiting her home and smoking cigarettes with her.  'They then became Facebook friends and started exchanging messages and flirting. They were discussing having a relationship.

'He says the relationship began on 11th September when he visited her home with some friends. He and she ended up kissing. They went to bed together but were interrupted by his grandmother calling and asking him to come home.

'On Sunday 13th September he went round to her house in the morning. They had sexual intercourse in bed. He says he had wanted to have sex with her and it only happened that once.

'It was because they continued to have contact, however, that the grandmother felt it was necessary to call the police.

'She has no previous criminal convictions and was 20 at the time.'

Judge Cullum told defence solicitor Sarah Jenkins that an aggravating feature of the offence was that alcohol was involved.  Another was that Hill was clearly aware of the boy's age.

But he said that although the offence merited a prison term he felt in all the circumstances it could be suspended.

Mrs Jenkins said that since the offence Hill has been living with her grandparents, who also care for two of her cousins. Her daughter is now in the care of the little girl's father but Hill has access to her.

'The breakdown of her relationship with her daughter's father is one of the factors relevant to the commission of this offence,' Mrs Jenkins said. 'She has had two relationships with men who were significantly older than herself in the past and that perhaps led to skewed thinking on her part as to what was appropriate or not.

'You also know there have been issues with her mental health following the birth of her daughter. All those things were factors in her increased use of alcohol and the commission of this offence.'

Passing sentence Judge Cullum told Hill 'This was an action which you knew was wrong. You knew it was wrong before you did it and that is clear from the Facebook messages.

'You developed a brief relationship with that child - and child he was - no doubt persuading yourself that he was interested in you and that the harm was not significant.

'The reason that Parliament has drawn a line at sixteen (as the age of consent) is because under that age it is deemed that children are at risk and need protection - sometimes from themselves.

'You deliberately broke the law and deliberately, effectively, harmed that boy. You know from your own life how an upbringing can affect what happens later and how relationships can adversely mould later life.

'It is not possible at the moment to say what effect your actions will have on him. '

The judge told her that the 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement would 'give you the opportunity to have a much needed look at your life and the circumstances which brought you into a position where young people were coming around to your house drinking.'


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