Sunday, July 17, 2016

A hedge worth crowing about! Cockadoodle the sculpted yew has watched over this cottage for 100 years

"When it comes to ruling the roost, Cockadoodle the sculpted yew has more experience than most. For well over 100 years, he has watched over this grade II-listed cottage thanks to successive owners who have passed down the topiary tradition. Today he is around 20ft tall – almost as high as the cottage – and has become so famous he is visited by tourists and schoolchildren.

When he was first pictured in 1910, he was missing quite a few feathers, and by the middle of the 1920s, his head had been pruned to a few twigs. But now there’s not a gap to be seen in his plumage – and his spectacular comb is positively bristling with pride"


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