Thursday, July 07, 2016

Australia: Enraged son calls the police on his father for burning his stash of cannabis plants

A man in the Northern Territory called the police on his father after he destroyed his stash of cannabis plants. Officers were called to a home in Humpty Doo, about 40 kilometres from Darwin, after the pair had a fight at the family home.  'As retribution his father burnt the son’s prized cannabis plants in a bonfire on the property,' Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said.

'The son was indignant and enraged,' Duty Superintendent Jorgensen said. Police also said the son was not concerned about dobbing himself in for possessing cannabis, but 'He seemed to believe that the destruction of the same was far worse than the possession'.

As the cannabis was destroyed when it was thrown into the bonfire, no charges have been laid. 'The evidence has been destroyed. Along with his reputation,' Duty Superintendent Jorgensen said. The son has now moved out of the family home to live with relatives"



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Here is another, must be from some idiot who never smoked the stuff.

He wants to open a gym where people high on the stuff can go work-out.


Former NFL player plans to open pot-friendly gym

WMUR Manchester-2 hours ago

The gym, Power Plant Fitness, will allow people to not only smoke marijuana during a workout, but will also have edibles available for those ...


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