Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bushwalkers rescue a dog from freezing waters in a rock pool - name her Miss Piggy and reunite her with her owner

A group of bushwalkers have taken the internet by storm after rescuing a lost dog stuck in freezing waters in rugged bushland and reuniting her with her owner.

'As we walked along the creek bed, we noticed a disturbance in one of the deep pools ahead,' she wrote. 'Thinking it might be a roo or a platypus, we approached quietly, only to see this forlorn little face looking back. It was honestly the saddest sight.'

They looped a rope around her head and shoulders and dragged her from the water. 'It was completely exhausted from it's attempts to struggle out of the deep section it had fallen into, and there's no way it would've survived the night,' Dangerm0use wrote.

The group put together a makeshift harness using a large stick and a bag for Miss Piggy to sit in as they carried her through the bush.

'I posted on a FB page for lost pets in the area surrounding where we'd found her, and miraculously, got a message about 30 mins later"


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Wireless.Phil said...

In our town, the idiots kill the dogs or abandon them in tied up plastic trash bags.

What weird news?


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