Saturday, July 16, 2016

Greedy mouse gets trapped in a bird feeder after scoffing so many seeds he couldn't fit back through the gap

A couple were bemused when they returned home to find a mouse had eaten all the seeds in their bird feeder - and had become so bloated it couldn't get back out.  The tiny rodent had to be rescued, but not before an amusing image was snapped which shows its little face peering out from inside the contraption.

They spotted the mouse in the bird feeder which was hanging on a metal frame at the rear end of their garden in South Shields, near Newcastle.  Lisa, a bank cashier, believes the mouse could have been stuck for up to nine hours while they were out of the house. She said: 'The top and bottom of the bird feeder was still attached so he must have got in through the little hole which he ended up peering out of"


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