Friday, July 15, 2016

Hero intervenes to save toddler from being beaten to death by her dad

This courageous man almost definitely saved the little defenceless two year old girl’s life. When Don Gilbert walked outside his motel room armed with a baseball bat after hearing desperate screams – nothing could prepared him for what he was about to see.

Kyle Holder, 32, was beating and kicking his 2-year-old daughter in the parking lot of the Sunnyside Motel. Don didn’t even hesitate to intervene when he saw the out-of-control man senselessly attacking his tiny defenceless little girl.  “I hit him once in the back. He had the baby by his feet,” Don told American TV channel KPTV. “He took her to the curb and just slammed her down, and that’s when I cracked him in the skull three or four times.”

Police said the girl’s father was out of control when they arrived and they were forced to use a Taser gun to subdue the crazed man.  The toddler is in critical condition at a local hospital while her father is behind bars facing first degree attempted murder charges.

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