Thursday, July 21, 2016

Is there anything duct tape can't do? Fisherman saved by DIY leg bandage after he was bitten by a shark

A Gold Coast man bitten by a shark while he was running a charter fishing trip on Wednesday afternoon used padding and duct tape to treat his wound so his customers could keep fishing.

Scott van Burck, 31, was about 20 kilometres - or an hour and a half - off the coast of Main Beach when a customer caught a one-metre reef shark, reported the Brisbane Times. After helping pull the catch aboard, it flipped and bit Mr van Burck on the calf. Deckhand Adrian Gray told 9News he used pliers to pull the big fish off his colleague.

Instead of panicking, the experienced fisherman applied some padding to the wound and secured it with duct tape, and decided to call his mum instead of an ambulance. Luckily, his mother Tiana van Burck called emergency services for her son, and an ambulance met the fishing group at Muriel Henchman Drive in Main Beach just before 1pm"



Wireless.Phil said...

Yes, I've used it for that too.
One of their factories is only a few miles from me.
Lot of complaints there, everyone must stand all day long while working, even the forklift operators.
The only time you set down is at lunch.

Wireless.Phil said...


Man, on Fire, Tries to Drive Car Into Australian Police Station Garage

New York Times - ‎4 hours ago‎

A bomb disposal expert and other emergency service personnel gathered outside the police station in Merrylands, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, on Thursday.


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