Sunday, July 10, 2016

Terrified French backpackers asked police to SHOOT 'a spider the size of a dinner plate' after it crawled into their campervan in the Australian outback

French backpackers were saved from 'spiders the size of dinner plates' by Queensland police. Two Mareeba officers were on patrol near Granite Creek in far north Queensland when they were flagged down by French backpackers. The startled backpackers said their campervan had been 'invaded' by spiders the size of dinner plates.

Upon closer inspection by police only one spider needed to be removed from the vehicle. When the backpackers asked the two female officers to shoot the spider, the police informed the holiday makers their aim was good- but not that good"


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Wireless.Phil said...

The huntsman runs after or ambushes its prey, killing it with venom and strong mouthparts. The Texas Invasive Species Institute pointed out that the huntsman can be a valuable spider because it eats cockroaches, in addition to other spiders and insects.

According to the Australian Reptile Park, the huntsman's bite can be painful to humans, but doesn't cause anything more serious than mild nausea or headaches. Usually localized swelling and pain are the only symptoms.


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