Saturday, July 23, 2016

Unusual Japanese bikini

Very brief beachwear is common in Japan

If you thought you'd seen some racy bikinis this summer, brace yourself. A string-thin 'bikini' is taking the internet by storm having just landed in Japan as it's hailed the hottest new piece of swimwear in the Far East this summer. The two-piece, by fashion house Buyma, lets wearers show a very generous amount of 'under-boob' and just about covers their nipples.

Not only does the bikini top not encase the wearer's breasts properly - like a bikini is supposed to - but it features a lot of unnecessary criss-cross straps across the chest and cleavage - as if to accentuate its lack of support in other, more vital areas.

The bottom half, on the other hand, shows everything except your most intimate body part. It features a tiny piece of material at the front and widely spaces straps which encase your bottom - leaving your cheeks showing fully.  Women in Japan are snapping up the bondage-inspired swimsuits from Pocket Tokyo, where it retails for around £28"


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Wireless.Phil said...

I doubt that was done in public view, but consider the source, The Daily Mail.

I worked in Japan, had two Japanese girlfriends, came back home and married a third Japanese girl.


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