Wednesday, July 27, 2016

  Woman flaunts herelf  in a VERY small pair of shorts to test men’s reactions

A woman set out to test people's reactions to her 'big booty' - with somewhat disturbing results. The stunt, which was filmed by YouTube pranksters DengisV and JasonMoments on their Immature Life channel, sees Kaysheen Whiteley flaunting her derrière.  Wearing a pair of skimpy shorts, she walks through a London park on a summer's day - leaving many passersby speechless.

The American pranksters filmed the video in Hyde Park last week, and the camera caught several sunseekers gawping at the 24-year-old, who is dressed in a tight white vest and eye-wateringly short grey sports shorts. One jealous woman gives her male companion a slap around the face as he appears unable to take his eyes off the scantily-clad passerby, blasting: 'What the f***?'

One man alerts his friend to the sight with a frantic pat on the back -and in one particularly harrowing scene, a man sitting on a bench appears to pleasure himself while taking a picture on his phone. Another gawper is seen recording a detailed video, first following Kaysheen around and then watching her from afar - and even women can't seem to resist taking a snap.

In another hilarious moment, one man almost falls off his scooter after spotting Kaysheen"


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