Saturday, August 13, 2016

La Boschi is in the news again

Italian politician Maria Elena Boschi has found herself at the centre of yet another sexism row after a newspaper published a racy cartoon of her with a caption that played on the Italian word for 'thighs'.

Since she was appointed as reforms minister in Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's government the 35-year-old lawyer has drawn up a bill for major political reform in Italy.

Yet, despite the gravity of her achievements, Boschi continues to be the focus of much tabloid criticism for her youth and photogenic looks as well as her figure-hugging business suits. When she wore an electric blue suit to Renzi's swearing in ceremony in February 2014, one newspaper said she looked like 'a Marvel superhero like Captain America'.

Now the conservative press are unhappy with the dresses she's wearing.

She has surprised the stuffier corners of Italian politics in pushing through a complicated series of reforms to the country's Senate"


1 comment:

Wireless.Phil said...

More of an electric blue PANT suit.

And someone did Photoshop and gave her thong underwear.


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