Monday, August 22, 2016

Rabbit cafe opens its doors in Hong Kong to animal lovers

The newest addition to Hong Kong's cafe scene is taking a soft approach to business - and the hosts are all ears. 'Rabbitland' offers a new breed of dining experience, with 12 resident bunnies who munch on grass while customers pet them between sips of tea.

 Tucked away on the third floor of a high-rise in the busy commercial district of Causeway Bay, the cafe says it gives people who have no room to keep a pet in space-starved Hong Kong the chance to bond with the fluffy animals.

Most of the rabbits have been abandoned by previous owners, and aren't on sale. 'I like how soft they are and like their fur and how gentle they are when you feed them,' says Natalie Chan, 11, whose mother had brought her to find out more about keeping rabbits as she wants one as a pet"



The Big Jub Jub said...

Is Hessenfefer on the menu?

Wireless.Phil said...

No, the rabbits will starve to death eating just grass.


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