Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tall men are winners

With regards to male body shape, research often focuses on the importance of height. Indeed, although the preference for a 'tall, dark, handsome stranger' is a cliche, there is a biological basis for this preference, with only healthy high quality men able to invest the physical resources required to develop tall stature. Hence, height is associated with positive physical and mental health.

It is also related to important social outcomes such as social status, educational success, and income. This may reflect perceptions tall men are more assertive and dominant than shorter men. Consequently, research suggests tall men are more desirable to women and are themselves able to attract more attractive partners.


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Doom said...

Even at only 6'5", and generally in person making great attempts to be passive, even wrinkling my eyebrow, or giving a quick look, and... I have, without any intent or her even being the focus, caused a woman to cry. Yes, some are sensitive, though it's rather common to women, and I suspect at certain times in their period? I have to be extremely gentle. I'm not gentle, but I have to play the part or the world comes undone. Even men will take a step back, or three, if I am in a foul mood and it shows. If in a rage, it is amazing what people show on their faces... horror.


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