Thursday, August 18, 2016

Teenager is outraged as a Freshers' magazine sent by UCAS tells her boyfriend to start university as a 'free agent'

An 18-year-old fashion blogger was stunned when a leaflet sent by UCAS told her boyfriend it is better to be single at university.  Lauren Rosenbaum, from Fife, in Scotland, shared her surprise on Twitter yesterday and said the higher education application website were not going to ‘steal her man’.

Max Brooks, 17, is going to Naiper University in September but after going into clearing Miss Rosenbaum wasn’t eligible for the Journalism course she wanted to do so is taking a gap year before hopefully joining him at Naiper in 2017.

The booklet explains that ‘university is all about new experiences and meeting new people, so save the heartache now and start your university life as a free agent. Trust me, you won’t regret it’. It is believed UCAS sent it to all students to start in September"


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Wireless.Phil said...

Did it also go on to say "And bring condoms for your lover"?


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