Saturday, August 27, 2016

Up to his neck in work... literally!

One utility worker has left the internet stunned after he literally dived into his work while trying to fix a leaking pipe.  Jimmie Cox, from Granbury, Texas, was photographed face down in a puddle of muddy water by homeowner Andrea Adams on Tuesday.

Adams said she called Acton Municipal Utility District on Tuesday to report a leak coming from a pipe running under her front lawn. Cox showed up, before digging down through the turf in order to locate a one inch pipe that had burst below ground.

 Adams said she walked into her house as Cox was working, and when she came back out she saw him submerged as he reached down through five feet of dirty water in order to clamp the line.

Cox is equally astounded by the attention the image is garnering, though says diving into flooded lawns is nothing new in his line of work. Eventually he managed to stop the leak"


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