Thursday, September 22, 2016

British students have uninhibited beginning to university life

Thousands of teenage students took to the streets of Portsmouth as they celebrated the start of their university careers during Fresher's Week. Drunken revellers were photographed lying on the pavement, while scantily-clad girls marched through the city centre.

Some of the youngsters, living away from home for just a few days can be seen vomiting, screaming and collapsing on the street. One group of girls were spotted wearing a figure-hugging leotard printed with the legend: 'Don't Tell Daddy.'

The remains of kebabs were seen smeared all over the side of the pavement as the streets were strewn with rubbish generated during the debaucherous night out.

Security guards, bouncers and police tried to keep the teenagers safe after many over-indulged the special offers available during their first week in college.


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Wireless.Phil said...

Idiot news people!
There are 13 places called Portsmouth in the world.


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