Monday, September 12, 2016

Doggy beer

For a mere $6.50, dogs can lap at the new specially-created craft beer, made exclusively for canines, or sip on a cool beer with their owners in the afternoon sun. And while the new doggy beer is strictly non-alcoholic, it is perfectly safe for animals, as it is made from a beef extract-based brew.

Sold in a glass screw-top bottle, or stubbie, the 'Beer Dog Bitter' is designed to let pups lap up as much as they want from a nearby bowl supplied by the bar. The screw-top feature on the 'Beer Dog Bitter' also cleverly allows owners to take the rest of their pint home in a doggy bag if they think their pet would like leftovers later on.

The 'Beer Dog Bitter' has been a hit both on social media and at Dogs Bar since it launched in Melbourne on Saturday"


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Wireless.Phil said...

Yes, we seen that in the news a year or two ago here in the US.
I don't own a dog or any pet, so I won't be buying it.


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