Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm not drunk, it's just the way I walk!

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker has dismissed rumours he is an alcoholic, claiming he appears drunk when walking because of injuries sustained in a car accident.

Mr Juncker, who is also a heavy smoker, said whispers about him having a drinking problem had begun after he staggered at a meeting of EU ministers. ‘I have a balance problem with my left leg that requires me to grab the rail when on a staircase'.

French journalist Jean Quatremer, who conducted the interview, said Mr Juncker glugged four glasses of champagne during the course of their light lunch. He recalled how during a previous meeting when Mr Juncker was prime minister of Luxembourg, he had drunk three straight glasses of cognac at the end of a meal where he had enjoyed many glasses of white wine.


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Wireless.Phil said...

It's possible.
I slipped on the ice a few years ago, hit the back of my head and somehow made it home, but was in and out of consciousness for a week, then developed Bells Palsy.
Lost hearing in my right ear and am usually off balance if I'm not careful.

I think the loss of hearing was cause by the concussion medicine Z-PAK

One of the many side effects: •change in hearing


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