Monday, September 19, 2016

Married middle school teacher, 30, arrested after sex with boy, 14

A teacher in Fresno, California was arrested last week and charged with multiple sex crimes after authorities learned that she was having an inappropriate relationship with one of her students.

Justine Nelson, 30, was booked and released on Thursday, and will be facing one count of oral copulation with a minor and two counts of possession of child pornography.

ABC 30 reports that Nelson, who is married, confessed to the police that she and the boy had a relationship after her arrest.

Nelson's relationship with the teenager began last spring while he was a student in her class according to investigators with the Fresno Police Department.

The two allegedly engaged in sexual activity at Tenaya Middle School, where Nelson is a part-time teacher.

She performed a sex act on the boy three times according to police.  Nelson is then accused of sending the boy nude photos over the summer.

The victim is now in high school and no longer attends Tenaya Middle School, where as of now Nelson still has a job.

He posted the photos online, and some of his fellow students saw the naked pictures sent by Nelson, prompting the vice principal of the school to call police.

'The whole thing is sad. Just what she did, totally sad. That victim will be impacted for a long time, it's just ridiculous,' said Lieutenant Joe Gomez of the Fresno Police Department.

Nelson was filmed as she left the police station on Thursday and got into a waiting car that was being drive by an unknown man.

She looked stoic and did not speak as she made her way into the vehicle.

When a reporter approached her asking if she had any comment, the man screamed out the window: 'Maybe get your story right. Get your story right!'  The reporter than asked what the real story was, to which the man again screamed: 'Get your story right!'

The two then drove off from the jail.

Lieutenant Gomez said the department is still investigating to see if there may be moire victims.

The Fresno Unified School District released a statement last week, saying: 'Allegations of this nature are extremely disturbing and do not reflect the high professional standards the district expects from staff.

'In the event these allegations are proven factual, the district will take swift and appropriate action.'


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