Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mother wants her daughter's dangly bits cut off

A woman who thought her 15-year-old daughter's vagina was untidy fought with doctors so she could have surgery. Alana, whose name has been changed for legal reasons, shrugged and agreed when doctors asked her if she wanted to have plastic surgery on her genitals as her mother had demanded.

The mother had told doctors that the girl's genitals were not as neat as that of other women, according to 'She will never be able to have sex looking like that,' the mother said.

Alana did not need the surgery for health reasons, and even when a doctor assured her mother that labia come in all shapes and sizes she pushed on. 'Having your mum say a man wouldn't want to make love with you because you're untidy is not particularly helpful parenting,' Prof Robson said."


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Doom said...

Ew. Cleaned up or not, that is not a pretty part. The mother is neurotic and needs to be put down, or told to shut up and quit looking at her daughter's vagina. A smack would help. Nasty crazy woman. They don't call it bumping uglies for no reason.


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