Saturday, September 03, 2016

Norwegian man gets a TESTICLE caught in an Ikea stool

Claus Jørstad, 45, of Alta in the country's north, had bought the Marius chair for showering because he had a knee injury but the testicle became trapped this week after falling into a hole in the stool and swelling in the hot conditions.

Speaking to MailOnline from Norway tonight, Mr Jørstad said he was trapped sitting under the shower for so long that the water turned cold and he began to freeze. That’s when I realised the nut has got loose from the squirrel stool,' he said. He believes the cold water made his testicle shrink, allowing it to pop back through the hole.

Showing he was a fast learner, Mr Jørstad later posted a picture of the stool in the shower again - but this time covered with a wash cloth so his testicles could not get stuck again"


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Doom said...

I am thinking that couldn't have been an accident. Well, the initial predicament. Are people really that bored, that while sitting in the shower, putting a testicle through a hole in a seat seems... reasonable or interesting? Did I miss something in the world? And... what sort of oysters does that man have? Mine wouldn't fit through there without a pool cue and mallet. So, obviously, it wouldn't be voluntary.


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