Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Russian women strip to their underwear and beg people for money to buy clothes... in bizarre bid to find themselves a HUSBAND

These Russian girls had an unusual way of raising cash to go on a shopping exhibition - by stripping down to their underwear and asking motorists to give them money to buy clothes.

It was all part of a locally organised workshop teaching young women about how to find a husband in which apparently stripping naked and asking for cash for clothing was one of the lessons.

The bizarre incident took place at night in the city of Kazan in central Russia's Republic of Tatarstan. One of the half-naked women said on the camera: 'Do you have 100 roubles for a T-shirt. We are going to Nizhniy Novgorod. This is a quest. Please help us.'

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Doom said...

It really might have come to that. They are having problems getting men and women together, which I think they finally realized is the only way to have children, which they are sorely lacking. Given that they have no real religion there, I guess they are going to have to go through all the failed efforts, over and over again.

Men will not marry women if they make, on average, $300 US a month. Women aren't going to have children without a husband. Prostitution if they must, but it feeds, pays the bills, and such. No middle class, one of two things will happen. If food can otherwise be gained, a rape culture, as in Africa. Lots of kids, in straw huts, living and being raised weakly by women, with no fathers or even men worthy of being fathers around. Men are more likely to simply rape the child. If native foods are too scarce and weather is too inclement, or both, the population will simply decrease. I wonder how bad their muslim problem is, and how quickly it is surpassing their local population. Russia will be muslim in no time, decades, is my guess.

They just can't, or won't, let go of the greed that keeps the rich far too rich and the poor absolutely devastated. Normally, in a level plain, having excessively rich is good. But if it is rigged, and static, it is not. There is no flow or transfer. Without a middle class, it just won't ever work, as to having children. A rigged wealth system eliminates the middle class. Which is why the West's attack on their middle class, and immigration influx, is actually genetic genocide. It is meant to be. Russia is just too far from religion to choose to go the right routs. I do think they know them, they just can't surrender power, not even for their own even short term future.

Odd. Both the "free" countries and the tyrannies are ending up with the same problem. They tyrants don't want it, but won't free the mechanisms which might change it (and undermine their power). The "free" countries are doing it to themselves and on purpose. Which is the most evil is difficult to decide. No, I am going call the "free" nations worse. At least with the tyrants, you understand tyranny. With supposed freemen, it is difficult to understand both the people and their leaders. More evil.


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