Friday, October 21, 2016

Health update

It looks like I am recovering steadily with the use of clindamycin.  Some skin areas that were red have now faded to pale pink.   The main remaining problem is that I am still spending lots of time asleep.  I am guessing that my body makes me drowsy to help fight off any sepsis.  I have always had naps during daylight hours but my naps at the moment are up to four hours long. I can't do much blogging in such circumstances but you can't keep a good blogger down completely so I have just put up one thing new:  A recipe for an unusual salad!  See here

Hopefully I will have more to say tomorrow.


Doom said...

I'll add you to the prayer list. Do as you must, I certainly understand.

Wireless.Phil said...

Good, glad to hear you're doing better.

Wireless.Phil said...

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Even oranges and orange juice are going up because of bad weather in Florida.

Don't know what they will charge for California Avocados, if they ever get them back in stock.

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