Friday, October 14, 2016

Old model does well

Unlike most models, who make their foray into fashion in their late teens, Nicky Griffin, 56, from Nottingham, only started modelling three years ago after being scouted in her local bank. The mother-of-two's twin daughters left home in the same week that she was scouted to lend her looks to the White Hot Hair company; a shampoo brand for grey and white hair.

Since then, she has landed some major modelling gigs including the latest Swimsexy campaign for swimsuitsforall, which was shot by Victoria's Secret snapper, Russell James.

The campaign also featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated, which made her the oldest model to ever appear in it. So what are the secrets behind her model good looks? 'Drinking water, clean living, and exercise,' she said."



Wireless.Phil said...

I've seen and heard of her before, so it wasn't just recently.
Why would the news even bring it up again?

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