Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Views on Trump vs Clinton

With the 2016 US Presidential election less than a month away, I feel the need to express my views on the two major candidates – Donald J. Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Both candidates have major flaws. I believe, however, that Clinton's flaws are more detrimental to the country than Trump's flaws are. Plus, I believe that Trump has the capability and desire to change America for the better. Clinton does not.

Hillary Clinton's motivation for running for President appears to be this: She wants to be in the White House again; she wants to be the first female president; and she wants the prestige of being the most powerful person in the country. She will do anything and say anything to make sure she achieves her goal of living in the White House again.

With respect to how Clinton would run the country: It will be 4 more years of continuing in the same style as Obama - no change or, even worse, change in the wrong direction. I can see her going towards a single payer health plan in order to "make ObamaCare better" (which will eventually bankrupt the country), raising taxes which will slow economic growth even more, and continuing to be part of the corruption that exists in Washington with more "pay for play." Most members of Congress are there only to support themselves, not to work for the country. She will continue to be an integral part of that corrupt political class.

Donald Trump says his motivation for running for President is this: He has seen the country going in the wrong direction (going bankrupt) and he wants to change that direction. He wants to make America the respected nation that it used to be. I believe that when he decided to try to fix things, he believed he could do it, and he believed that his business acumen gave him the credentials. Becoming President would give him the best opportunity to fix what's wrong with America.

Yes, Trump is not the polished political orator that Hillary Clinton is. He often rubs people the wrong way with his crass remarks. I believe he will learn to tone it down. He will have good advisors around him. That's what he knows how to do - hire good people and fire bad people.

With respect to how Trump would run the country: He would run it like a business. He knows how to negotiate and get things done. He would figure out how to actually get Congress working for America rather than maintaining the status quo as most recent presidents have. He would solve problems. He would get the economy going again by lowering taxes and closing corporate loopholes in the tax code; he would get rid of oppressive government regulations (which would also stimulate the economy); and he would enhance the safety of Americans by building the wall and vetting people before allowing them into the U.S.

The difference between our choices for candidates is stark and massive. Either we elect Hillary Clinton and continue subsisting with a slow economy and corrupt government, OR we elect Donald Trump and possibly shake things up and do some good for the economy and begin to fix the political corruption that exists.

Just my opinion.

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Wireless.Phil said...

If she wins, I doubt she'll even set foot in the Whitehouse.

Wireless.Phil said...

Donald and Hillary - sing I've Had The Time of My Life


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