Saturday, August 16, 2003


[From ParaPundit]

William T. Veal, Chief Border Patrol agent for the greater San Diego area, has issued instructions stating:
"Border Patrol agents are not authorized to conduct any 'interior enforcement' or 'city patrol' operations in or near residential areas or places of employment, including immigration inspections at day labor pick-up locations or on city streets while agents are en route to assignments," Veal said.

The Desert Sun reports that the restrictions are the result of protests made after Border Patrol Agents arrested a family of illegal aliens as they were going to the Mexican Consulate to obtain illegal alien identification cards.
Mexico's consul general in San Diego, Rodulfo Figueroa, filed a complaint with the Border Patrol after the Aug. 1 arrests, calling them "an act of bad faith." He didn't question the legality of the arrests but said enforcement of immigration laws so close to the consulate inhibits his ability to do his job.

Upon analysis, this is very troubling:
The Mexican Consul General is complaining that he can't do his job, because

The Border Patrol is arresting illegal aliens, so

The US government tells the Border Patrol to stop doing their job.

Somebody, please tell me what is going on. This is ludicrous. The Mexican government has apparently become an integral part of the decision making process within the law enforcement community.

The borders of the US have been characterized as porous. Actions like the article reports will make them virtually nonexistent.

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