Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Saudi Most Wanted Terrorist Caught

(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) It's being reported that a terrorist went on a shooting spree speeding across central Saudi Arabia, killing five policemen in Buraydah and Muznab. It's also reported that most wanted terrorist Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Mohammed al-Suwailmi was arrested in Buraydah, northwest of Riyadh. Currently, it appears that al-Suwailmi may have been the killer of the five police officers since he was captured after the high-speed chase. Details are sketchy.

Al-Suwailmi, 23, functioned as a recruiting and propaganda expert for Islamic terrorist groups in Saudi Arabia. With his capture, police have killed or captured eight of the 15 terrorists believed to be in the kingdom who were identified on the list of most wanted terrorists issued in June. Notably, Saudi police thought that they had eliminated al-Suwailmi back in September in a gunfight in Dammam but were stunned by a subsequent release of an audiotape of him on the Internet.

Apparently, Saudi officials have difficulty identifying corpses.

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