Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Students Leaving California to Get High School Diploma

(Sacramento, California) According to the SacBee (reg. req'd), students, parents and educators are in a quandary. For those students that are physically or mentally disabled, the requirement to pass the California High School Exit Exam for a diploma is a roadblock. Although the legislators and the courts have struggled with the issue, no resolution has been achieved as to what to do with special education students seeking high school diplomas. The special ed students can't pass the exit exam but parents and advocacy groups believe they should be awarded diplomas anyway.

As a result, parents are now planning on sending their special education children to other states for the last semester of high school so they can receive a diploma. Venues being considered are any states with education requirements less stringent than California.

I can understand the parents' concerns, however, it just doesn't seem appropriate to award diplomas to students who could not pass the exit exam. If graduation from high school is to be considered a set standard of required achievement, there should be no difference regarding the process of how a diploma is acquired. It seems that the resolution to the dilemma is to reduce the requirements for all students or face the reality that some students are physically or mentally incapable of meeting the minimum standards.

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