Thursday, September 21, 2006

HS Govt Class: Supreme Court Elected Bush

On Tuesday, the teacher in my son's 12th-grade American Government class complained that Al Gore actually won the 2000 presidential election and George Bush was named President because of his buddies. Specifically, the teacher said it was relationships with brother Jeb Bush and Florida SecState Katherine Harris coupled with a majority conservative Supreme Court that made George Bush President of the U.S.

I sense an underlying distaste for the American form of representative democracy on the part of this teacher. Possibly, she's not the best match for teaching American Government.

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[Update 09/26/06]

In followup conversations, my son assessed that at least 80 percent of the entire student body either hates President Bush or thinks he's simply stupid. My son blames the fact that the youngsters get most of their news and opinion from The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert. Obviously, readers should take with a grain of salt all second-hand information and realize there was nothing scientific employed in the gathering of the information.

Nonetheless, it has a ring of substance. And it all takes place in Middle America, not California nor Massachusetts, in a fairly conservative region of Ohio.

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