Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Man and a Horse

(Conway, South Carolina) A 50-year-old local man, Rodell Vereen, has been arrested again for being amorous with a filly named Sugar, a 21-year-old palomino.

Vereen has been charged again with buggery and trespassing. Police were surprised that Vereen, a registered sex offender for his identical previous offense, would actually stalk the same horse.

This case should be shocking but it's not. Cases of bestiality are regularly reported in the news. News of animal pornography and bestiality is not uncommon in Europe and there's the 2005 story of a man dying from being amorous with a stallion at an animal-lovers' farm in the state of Washington. Astonishingly, a movie was even made of the death by horse sex.

Sadly, there are many sick perverts in society.

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