Thursday, October 30, 2003


Michael Moore spoke for 90 minutes before a crowded Armington Physical Education Center at The College of Wooster last night. As one would expect, he spent the time generally denouncing America and the American way of life and specifically denouncing the current administration in Washington. He then shilled for the Democrat Party and instructed the attendees to get involved with the party such that President Bush is not reelected.
"You can run for office and get involved in the local Democratic party in this county. You need to educate yourselves; read papers not from America ... that tell about America from an outside perspective. It's all about the stuff that happens on a daily basis."[Emphasis by ed.]

[ . . . ]

"I'm not endorsing anyone right now, but it's important for us to push these Democrats to be better candidates. There's enough running that they can give us 70-80 percent of what we want. This is when they need us more than we need them. We need to get them to take better positions on these issues," Moore said.
Also included in his speech was the obligatory reference to George Bush not winning the Presidential Election. And there was a Q & A period where one student complained about the cost of college.
"I think it's wrong you have to go through that," Moore said. "I think a college education should be free. Maybe a few less aircraft carriers and missiles and a little bit more money to our education system. . . ."
In a nutshell, his speech bashed America, Republicans, the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, and "angry" conservative political pundits. He supported the Democrat Party, dismantling the military, socialized education, and efforts to have blacks and women take over the government.

The workers must unite and overthrow the bourgeoisie.

Haven't we heard this theme before? It's promoted by numerous newspapers not from America.

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