Friday, January 21, 2005

Ex-Judge Charged With Indecent Exposure

(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) Last year, a court reporter was fired after stating she saw Judge Donald Thompson, 58, masturbate and use a penis pump during court proceedings. Other witnesses corroborated the story. In August, after the allegations became known, the Attorney General acted to remove Judge Thompson from the bench. The judge voluntarily stepped down.

Yesterday, before the Creek County District Court in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Judge Thompson pleaded not guilty to three felony counts of indecent exposure. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 22. If convicted, the former judge faces a possible 10 years in prison for each count.

In the meantime, investigators are scouring the courtroom where Thompson presided in search of possible latent Lewinsky smears for DNA analysis.

[Update 07/02/06]

Thompson convicted.

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