Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Breeding Harmony

(Stockport, England) From the Stockport Express:
STOCKPORT schoolchildren will be the first in the country to take part in a project to breed multi-racial harmony.

Council education bosses have teamed up with the Muslim Council of Britain to use new resource packs supporting the teaching of Islam in primary schools.

[ ... ]

Councillor John Pantall, executive member for diversity strategy, said: "If we can get to pupils at an early age we hope they can grow up understanding other cultures and religions and without prejudice."

"There is a great deal of ignorance about major faiths, resulting in dangerous and destructive myths. The use of the new materials will help develop understanding and encourage community cohesion throughout Stockport."
Well, isn't this nice? The education system thinks that its job is to breed harmony. I predict that the efforts to breed harmony will fail.

And, of course, to be consistent with the leftist view on how to solve all problems and create harmony, the program for teaching Islam will have to include a campfire with all the kids circled around singing Kumbaya.

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