Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ohio Farmhouse Shootings

(Bellefontaine, Ohio) Last Sunday's shootings at two Logan County farmhouses resulted in the deaths of Paige Harshbarger - age 14, Sheri Shafer - age 37, Megan Karus - age 19, Scott R. Moody - age 18, Sharyl Shafer - age 66, and Gary Shafer - age 67. It is now believed that Scott R. Moody committed five murders with a .22-caliber Marlin rifle before taking his own life. Wounded with a rifle bullet in the neck was Scott Moody's sister, Stacy - age 15, who was taken to Ohio State University Medical Center for treatment where her condition is described as critical.

From the Dayton Daily News:
The shooting followed a small graduation party Saturday evening for Scott Moody and fellow Riverside graduating senior Megan Karus, 19, who also died from the shootings.

Logan County Sheriff Michael Henry believes Scott Moody was the shooter in each case, based on the evidence at the scene. He said the murder weapon was a .22-caliber Marlin rifle, which is undergoing ballistics tests with the Ohio Bureau of Identification and Investigation. The Montgomery County Coroner's Office, where the bodies were taken Sunday, also is assisting in the investigation.

Henry said deputies had responded to the property on nuisance calls, such as loud music, on several occasions in the past but not for any serious incidents.

The four victims in the farmhouse appeared to have been shot in their sleep, Henry said.
In a nutshell, Scott Moody killed his mother, Sheri Shafer; killed his grandmother, Sharyl Shafer; killed his grandfather, Gary Shafer; killed his high school classmate, Megan Karus; killed his girlfriend, Paige Harshbarger; killed himself; and critically wounded his sister, Stacy.

Sadly, news of the deadly shootings reached the students and faculty of Riverside High School during the latter part of the graduation ceremony Sunday afternoon in which Scott Moody and Megan Karus were to receive diplomas.

Notably, no drugs were found at the scenes of the crimes. Although no motive has yet been determined, it appears that Scott Moody's impetus may be linked to years of personal turmoil starting with his parents divorce a decade ago. He was overwhelmed with the responsibility of running a farm while still a schoolboy. Seemingly insurmountable and enduring problems burdened Moody. The investigation continues.

My take is that something specific and definable happened on Saturday or Sunday which caused Scott Moody to snap. The mental anguish notion is valid but I don't see it as the triggering event for the murder- suicide.

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