Thursday, March 02, 2006

High School Teacher Hates America

Jay Bennish(Overland, Colorado) A high school geography teacher, Jay Bennish, decided to use his classroom as a pulpit to spew anti-American propaganda. Common radical left rhetoric peppered his teaching sessions including: Bush is Hitler, the U.S. is a terrorist nation, and capitalism is bad.

Unfortunately, Bennish failed to realize that modern technology allowed for his fiery words to be recorded and they were. And then they were broadcast over local radio. Naturally, the parents of the students got mad. Bennish is on administrative leave now, courtesy of his big Marxist mouth.

Fortuitously, blogging colleague Chris Short is geographically and personally close to the story (his daughter is a student in the school system). Consequently, he's following the story closely at Conservative Thinking, giving comrade Bennish's hatred for the United States plenty of exposure. Go visit.

[Update 1915 EST]

Jay at Stop The ACLU reports that Jay Bennish has hired an ACLU lawyer. But not just any old ACLU lawyer, he's hired the same lawyer who represented Professor "Little Eichmanns," Ward Churchill. Attorney David Lane will be Bennish's mouthpiece.

It's getting interesting. Maybe next, Ramsey Clark will join the case.

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