Thursday, October 26, 2006

Schmeca White - Nasty Teacher Gets 9.5 Years

(South Bend, Indiana) In May 2005, former aide at Greene Intermediate Center, Schmeca White, 27, was arrested on felony charges of inappropriate sexual activities with special education students between the ages of 11 and 15. Specific charges included two counts each of child molestation and sexual misconduct with a minor, along with sexual battery, criminal deviate conduct, and battery.

Earlier this month, White was convicted of sexual misconduct with a minor, vicarious sexual gratification and battery, forcing students into simulated sex and choking a student. Jurors had to listen to descriptions of White's disgusting classroom behavior which included one reported incident that she stripped naked.

Yesterday, Schmeca White, now 28, was sentenced. She received nine and one-half years in prison to be followed by four years probation. She was also ordered to register as a sex offender. According to Judge Roland W. Chamblee Jr., White's lack of a criminal record prevented him from handing out the maximum sentence.

White spoke at her sentencing and maintained that she is innocent.
"I still say that I'm innocent, regardless of what victims said I did," White said. " ... I did nothing to those children and I still say that."
Unfortunately for White, the evidence convinced the jury of her guilt. Now she gets to join a number of other criminals, also claiming innocence, in an Indiana state prison.

Interestingly, there's already been discussion of White being released early for good behavior but this is inconsistent with current experience. Behind bars since her arrest last year, White has been a problem prisoner.
There are signs that the same type of classroom behavior that first put Schmeca White behind bars nearly 547-days ago, has continued, after her arrest, leading to at least three jail transfers.

"From her flat file paperwork, she's been aggressive with the, sexually, excuse me, sexually aggressive with the female inmates, and was moved to the medical unit, and she became sexually aggressive with male and female inmates at that point," said anonymously.
I suspect White may have difficulty supporting the contention that she is a model prisoner.

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