Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Voinovich's Platform for Defeat

Senator George Voinovich is laying the groundwork for his defeat in the next election. In a most egregious way, he has disrespected his constituency. He obviously thinks we are all too stupid to understand the issues and his time is too important to explain anything to the voters. Voinovich also believes that Ohioans have been listening to too much radio.

It's one thing to lack conservative values. It's an entirely different mindset to lack common decency, manners and respect for others. Arrogance and elitism are typically the bailiwick of the liberals.

Check the link.

Also, don't miss Nasty, Brutish & Short for a liveblogged account of Senator Voinovich being interviewed on the Sean Hannity radio program. In a nutshell, metaphorically, imagine the captain of the Titanic saying, "There are no icebergs and quit listening to the radio." That was Voinovich.

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