Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Student's Mom Gets Prison for Attacking Teacher - Updated

(Atlanta, Georgia) For the brutal beating of Southside High School teacher Felicia Williams, 46-year-old Georgia Thornton pleaded guilty yesterday and was sentenced to one year in prison followed by four years of probation.
Williams said the attack has left her with panic attacks and told the court she wanted Thornton and her daughter to pay for what they did.

“I was kicked, scratched, hit, punched and some of my hair was pulled out of my scalp,” said Williams.
Georgia Thornton apologized in court to Williams, saying the incident shouldn't have happened. The daughter, Sequita Thornton, now 19, faces battery charges also and has requested a jury trial. Jury selection is expected to commence shortly.

[Update 10/25/09] Sequita Thornton sentenced to two years probation for battery of teacher.

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Atlanta Teacher Attacked by Student's Mom
[Previous 4/23/08 post]
(Atlanta, Georgia) A 44-year-old mother, Georgia Thornton, and her 17-year-old daughter, Sequita Thornton, have been arrested for brutally attacking the daughter's school teacher, Felecia Williams, 40. Both have been charged with battery.

The incident reportedly occurred on February 28 at Southside High School.
On the day of the attack, Williams said the pair walked into her classroom during first period and began arguing about a book. Williams asked them to leave, but the mother pushed past her and grabbed a book off her desk, the teacher said.

When Williams, 40, tried to get the book back, the mother pulled the teacher's hair and threw her to the ground, the police report said. Then the mother and daughter stomped on the teacher, according to the report.

"She was swinging me by my hair, and my shoes flew off my feet," Williams said. "Then I was on the ground, and they were both pounding on me. I was terrified. So were my students."

Georgia Thornton -- Sequita Thornton
Georgia Thornton disputed the facts in the police report Tuesday and said Williams hit her daughter on the day of the incident. Thornton said she had been meeting with Williams because the teacher wouldn't give her daughter the correct grade.

"That teacher, she had it in for my daughter," Thornton said. "I raised my daughter not to disrespect adults, so I took care of this situation. Yes, I hit her. I do what I have to do to protect my child at all costs."
Wow. Georgia Thornton is a thug and she is teaching her daughter to be the same.

What happens next is unclear. The teacher is at home nursing her injuries. The school system has been silent since there is the possibility of lawsuits. The Thorntons await prosecution.

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