Sunday, July 19, 2009

National Abortion Registry

(Stockholm, Sweden) The Christian Democrats in Sweden have proposed a national registry with the names of all women who have had an abortion.
The Moderates, Centre party and Liberal party are however opposed to the move on integrity grounds, according to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Anders Milton, commissioned by the government to investigate the issue and who presented his report in June, wants the proposed register to include the personal identification numbers (personnummer) of women who have undergone an abortion.

The inclusion of personal identity numbers in the statistics would help in the following up of complications, to develop methods and improve prevention work, Milton argues.

Chatrine PĂ„lsson Ahlgren, Christian Democrat Member of Parliament, is positive to the proposal.

"The register always awakes feelings of unease, but I definitely think the idea is worth a try," she said to the newspaper.
Meanwhile, the Indian government is also planning an abortion registry to thwart sex-selection feticide and to fight infant mortality.

Sadly, with big government bureaucrats defining health care for the entire population of a nation, virtually all personal privacy is at risk.

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