Saturday, March 06, 2010

Babes with Guns Are Hotter

Billy Demong, the 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist in Nordic Combined, was interviewed on Fox News Red Eye program (video) this week and he was asked his opinion of which group of athletes had the hottest babes at the Vancouver Olympics.

An admitted "nordic dork," Mr. Demong responded by choosing the women's cross-county skiers as the hottest group of Olympic babes.
"The biathlon skiers, actually. You take a very beautiful endurance athlete [cross-country skier] and give her a gun."
So, there you go. All other things being equal, it seems Mr. Demong thinks that the girls with guns are hotter. Here are some examples for analysis:


Yes, I sense hotness but I'm not convinced that other groups of female Olympians aren't just as hot. I'd suggest that the downhill skiers, the skaters, and others, particularly at least one curler, exhibit a comparable level of pulchritude without firearms.

Nevertheless, I contend that a gun in the capable hands of an attractive woman adds something -- a certain undefinable quality, a certain extra. A gun, however, is not a babe-maker.

In any event, this is all an academic exercise. I'm sure that readers have a variety of thoughts about whether babes are hotter with guns.

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