Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Drug for Premature Completion

Reportedly, men are jumping up and down and whooping with joy.
The first drug to give men more staying power in the bedroom went on sale this week and you can already hear the deafening roar of cheers as men prepare to spend longer between the sheets.

The new pill Priligy may well have the same potential to change men's sex lives as Viagra did. Premature ejaculation affects one in three men at some stage in their lives.

Maker Johnson & Johnson promises it can increase staying power threefold. Available on the internet at £76 for a pack of three, it sounds like manna from heaven.
Wow! Over a hundred dollars for three pills! That's pricey.

Frankly, Priligy would seem to be too expensive for most people. Given that premature ejaculation customarily means that pistol-firing occurs before unholstering, then we're talking, maybe, 10, 20 seconds before completion and, even with Johnson & Johnson's guarantee of a three-fold increase, the turtle will still be hiding its head in a measly minute or less. An extra 30 seconds, maybe, for about $35. Helluva deal!

But there's more to the story. Dr. Pam Spurr, the author of the article, says women are upset about the new drug since they prefer quick sex.
I am in no doubt that up and down the country women are secretly groaning in dismay as they brace themselves for the one thing they don't want - more sex.

It's almost a crime to admit that we don't want endless sex every hour of the day and night. We're all conditioned to think that the best kind of sex is long and lingering.

Men are encouraged to believe that unless they can enjoy endless feats of love-making they aren't real men.

Women are shy of admitting that short sex sessions actually suit them, because they fear it means they have a low sex drive. But the truth is that quick sex sessions aren't always a curse. For a great many women they are actually a blessing.
In conclusion, Dr. Spurr says that women aren't at all bothered by premature ejaculation. In fact, they're just too shy to admit that they're glad when sex is over quickly.

Personally, I suggest that psychologists spend too much time with loopy people. However, I'm also suspicious since we recently heard of European feminists adopting an anti-macho manifesto for men and this women-really-prefer-premature-ejaculators meme seems to be out of the same activist mould.

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