Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Georgia Teacher Sentenced in Sex Case - Update

(Coweta County, Georgia) Teacher Dorothy Elizabeth Dixon, 30, was sentenced yesterday by Coweta Superior Court Judge Jack Kirby after pleading guilty to sexual assault of a student at Northgate High School.

Judge Kirby gave Dixon probation for 15 years.
Judge Kirby said it was clear from Dixon's pre-sentencing statement that she was remorseful but that her actions with a former student were "an egregious betrayal of trust."

Kirby also said that he felt that the only thing to be gained by sending Dixon to prison would be to serve as a deterrent to others.

Kirby noted that neither the victim or his parents chose to appear in court and speak prior to sentencing although they were aware that such an opportunity was available.
Dixon was also ordered to register as a sex offender and perform 200 hours of community service.

It's not clear why Judge Kirby thinks deterring other teachers from sexually assaulting students isn't a worthy goal. (h/t Watchdog)

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Georgia Teacher Indicted in Sex Case - Update
[Previous 9/10/12 post]
(Coweta County, Georgia) Former contract teacher Dorothy Elizabeth Dixon, 30, has been indicted by a Coweta County grand jury and charged with child molestation and sexual assault against a Northgate High School student.
Dixon was taken into custody after investigators with the Coweta County Sheriff's Office learned about the alleged inappropriate sexual relationship from her husband, who was said to have discovered sexually explicit text messages on Dixon's phone.

Authorities said that when Dixon's husband confronted her with the messages, she admitted to having an affair with a 15-year-old boy who was also one of her students. Authorities believed the inappropriate relationship had been taking place off campus for approximately four months before Dixon's arrest.
It's unknown why it took over a year to obtain an indictment.

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Georgia Teacher Accused of Molestation
[Previous 6/4/11 post]
(Coweta County, Georgia) A 29-year-old special needs teacher at Northgate High School, Dorothy Dixon, was arrested by Coweta Sheriff's deputies on May 27 for allegedly engaging in sex with a 15-year-old male student.

Dixon was placed on leave by her employer, an education contract firm, pending completion of an investigation.
Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager said Dixon's husband tipped them off.

Her husband reportedly found sex texts on his wife's phone.

Yeager said Dixon faces child molestation charges.

"It's a felony charge, and if convicted she faces 20 years in prison," said Yeager.
Dixon was booked into custody at the county jail with bond denied. As of Thursday (6/2/11), she was still behind bars.


Watchdog said...

She was sentenced to 15 years probation

Anonymous said...

Another chick avoids jail time because of her perceived level of remorse. What a crock.

"Kirby (the judge) also said that he felt that the only thing to be gained by sending Dixon to prison would be to serve as a deterrent to others."

Which is exactly correct, and one of the basic justifying principles of criminal sentencing. So why did he give her a sentence that would encourage other 30 year old women to think probation is all that will happen if they go out sexually abusing 15 year old boys? My guess is a 30 year old man boffing a 15 year old girl would be treated differently, regardless of how many tears of remorse he shed. Apparently this judge is looking to blur the concept of "you do the crime, you do the time"....least for women anyways.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this information. What a shame - a police officer in the same county who had a similar relationship with a teenage girl was sentenced to 60 years in prison http://www.times-herald.com/Local/Ex-officer-sentenced-to-60-years-in-prison--1446809 Another school employee in the same county had a sexual relationship with a teenager (NOT her student or a student at her school) was sentenced to 40 years in prison http://www.gadailynews.com/news/76396-teacher-shannon-schmieder-sentenced-to-40-years-for-affair-with-14-year-old.html Why such leniency given to Ms. Dixon when she completely violated her position of authority as a teacher and had a relationship with one of her own students that went on for months? Georgia has a VERY tough law on the books for teachers who have sex with their students that calls for a minimum of 25 years in prison if the victim is under the age of 16. I just don't understand why Ms. Dixon deserved such mercy when others did not.

mommy of two said...

This woman now lives in michigan and works in a family resturant which children often visit. All the managers know about this yet they fire anyone who brings up the subject. And she still has a job.


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