Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day 2012

Results are starting to be posted (8:05pm EST). Hopefully, it will be over soon.

Early results (8:56pm) have the race for President going as expected. Southern states called for Romney. Northeastern states going for Obama. Electoral count: Romney - 88, Obama - 78.

After midwestern polls close at 9pm, electoral count: Romney - 149, Obama - 127. Still no surprises. Tossup states continue to be tossed.

Called at 9:21pm, Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives.

Wins called (9:35pm) for Obama in PA and WI. Electoral count: Romney - 153, Obama - 153.

Electoral count as of 10:50pm: Romney - 174, Obama - 173. Still awaiting results from tossup states of OH, VA, NC, FL.

Polls closed (11:00pm) in all states except Alaska. Romney - 203, Obama - 244.

President Obama declared reelected by Fox News at 11:15pm EST.


Anonymous said...

Your worst nightmare has been revisited. After all the crap you have aimed at Obama over the past four years, you must really be hurting... Good!

Wireless.Phil said...

Thank God its over with. They beat us to death here in Ohio.
I hope the next election they put all the ads on one channel, maybe the PBS Government channel would be good. If not, hopefully they will have a shoot-out.

Anonymous said...

I don't wish anyone ill will nor will mock anyone over Obama winning. Just hope conservatives and republicans learned something. If you want a party that is predominantly represented by white males with socially archaic points of view, you can expect more losses as time goes on. Your party dynamics have to be representative and inclusive of Growing population of minorities and the interests of women. If things don't change, in short time the party won't be viable.


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