Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Topless Tobogganing World Championships

(Laukvik, Norway) Mark your calendars, sports fans. On March 17th, the second annual Topless Tobogganing World Championships will be held at Laukvik, above the Arctic Circle. Naturally, it's expected to be nippy.

According to organizer Sten Hansen,
In 2010, some 500 people watched bare-chested Norwegian sledders barrel down the village’s hills. A year later, 1,000 spectators looked on as 30 entrants tumbled semi-clad through the Arctic snow for the inaugural World Championships, he said.

“It’s quite incredible considering there are only 450 people here in Laukvik,” said Hansen.

While he harbours hopes of the village securing national arena status, Hansen conceded this remained something of a pipe dream.

“We’re not affiliated with the Norwegian Olympic Committee yet, so we have some way to go. We’re also some distance away from recognition as an Olympic sport,” he said.
Nevertheless, record numbers of participants and spectators are expected this year.

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