Thursday, October 04, 2012

Steve Goddard is wrong because he's right 

Or something. Steve wrote that "Antarctica has broken the record for the greatest sea ice extent ever measured at either pole."  Alex Halperin,  news editor at the Leftist "Salon", didn't like that so he consulted a climatologist who told him:

"The end of the Antarctic winter — the northern hemisphere’s early fall — is generally when the expanse of Antarctic ice reaches its greatest breadth. Indeed, this year’s record high of 19.5 million square kilometers was a jump from 18.8 million last year. (The previous high of 19.35 was in 2006.) However, Meier called this year’s total “barely above what we might consider a normal range.”"


"So there!", Halperin seems to say, ignoring what he was told.  His tame climatologist ADMITTED that Steve was right and the Antarctic extent was at a record high.  Warmists really are pathetic

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